Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Random Thoughts from Sula

  • The days are getting noticeably longer.  In Sula, today will be a little over an hour longer than the shortest day of the year was.
  • Tomorrow will be 2 minutes, 45 seconds longer than today.  We are cruising now.
  • I'm not tired of the snow, but I miss the ground.  I haven't seen the ground at my place in about three months.
  • Most of the time, there is no snow on the ground at all down in the Bitterroot Valley (north of Sula).  It really is the banana belt of Montana.
  • I just recently learned the difference between sachet (a packet of good-smelling crap) and sashay (what New Orleans ladies do, if you remember that old song from the 80s).
  • I think I felt better about my masculinity before I knew that.


  1. Wow - those are pretty random. The sachet bit scares me a little.

  2. I KNOW I felt better about your masculinity before you shared that!