Friday, September 7, 2012

Backpacking Yellowstone—Southeast (1 of 5): East Yellowstone Lake; Thorofare; South Boundary Trail

The route started at the Nine Mile Trailhead on the East Entrance Road and passed through an old burn with a view of Yellowstone Lake. The sky was a bit smoky due to a few fires in the area.

 This a more recent burn from the Point Fire of 2011.

Mule deer doe.

On the first night I camped at site 5E9, which is accessible by trail or by boat.

Looking south toward the Promontory.

Not exactly the peaceful evening I was hoping for. This guide pulled up to let her clients to fish right off shore in front of my campsite. They'd drift to within 100 feet before motoring back out a short distance to repeat the process. In the morning the same guide showed up with a new batch of clients, motivating me to get an early start on the trail.

 Smoky sunset over the lake.

Back on the trail. A wolf track next to my size 13 hiking shoe.

Bear print.

Lots of wild raspberries near the south end of the lake.

Marshy area past the lake.

The view from campsite 5E1, which sits on a bench above Beaverdam Creek.

Elk antlers.

A horse party stirring up a cloud of dust on their way to Thorofare.

Sunset at 5E1. 

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  1. going in their must be scary by your self. I have always wanted to. good for you. just beautiful.