Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Like Raising That Little Flag at Pancho's

"We need some more enchiladas out here."

This is why we need more enchiladas.  These guys eat like construction hands.

Melinda sent this pic of the Pancho's flag.  Good times.


  1. we agree there. here at home we can almost tell when the 'locals' are mad at us because the feeders get left empty for too long. you go outside and they fuss. fill up the feeders and its a different tune altogether.

  2. Love the "Pancho's" reference ... raise the flag, raise the flag -- need a refill, raise the flag!

    Gosh THAT takes me back - the quality of the food doesn't matter when you're 6 - it was the excitment of RAISING THE FLAG that made it so special!

  3. Thought it was eating like a farm hand....

    My kids LOVE Panchos...not for the food (yuck), only to get to Raise The Flag (and the sopapillas!)! We need one of those on our kitchen table...and someone to bring refills too!