Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Short Outing Along the East Fork

You couldn't quite call this a hike, but Mari and I explored a hilly area a few miles up the East Fork Road.  This land is part of the Bitterroot National Forest. The hills face south here, so they get plenty of sun, keeping them mostly free of snow.

Not far from the road, we saw this bighorn sheep carcass.

The huge hills make you feel like a kid, and you want to climb to the top.  But it's a long way up, steep and the ground was a little soggy, so we only went about halfway up.   It was a good spot to sit and soak in the sun and look at the mountains.  We vowed to come back in the summer when the ground is dry and go all the way up, and maybe even camp for a night up there.  I want to go on a clear night and see how the stars look from top of the hill.

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