Friday, September 7, 2012

Backpacking Yellowstone—Southeast (2 of 5): East Yellowstone Lake; Thorofare; South Boundary Trail

Back on the trail, heading into the Thorofare.

 Yellowstone River.

Wildflowers lingering into late August.

Yellowstone River a little farther upstream.

Marker for Site 6C2, which is a mile west of the trail.

Looking east toward Colter Peak and Table Mountain.

Two views of Table and Turret Mountains.

Site 6C2 sits along the upper Yellowstone River. 

Well-camouflaged spider.


 Another smoky sunset.

Back on the trail, headed south to site 6Y5.

25.5 miles from the trailhead so far.

The cooking area of site 6Y5, one of the more rustic sites I saw all summer, with not much of a view from the food area.

The shallow, clear water of Cliff Creek (no relation).

  Deer leg near the food area of 6Y5. I set up my tent far away from this thing.

Tentsite at 6Y5.

Up early the next morning for a cross-country trip to see the falls on Cliff Creek.

This appeared to be a broken geode.

Tough off-trail travel, but only for a quarter of a mile or so.

Falls on Cliff Creek, east of the trail.

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