Sunday, September 23, 2012

Backpacking Yellowstone—Southwest (2 of 5): Pitchstone Plateau; Bechler; Lone Star

Bear warning near my campsite at 9U4.

It was 26° in the morning, so I had a fire with breakfast.

The rather austere pit toilet at 9U4, which is quite cold in the morning.

Patrol cabin near Union Falls.

Union Falls.

Ouzel Pool, northwest of Union Falls.

Wandering garter snake, the most common reptile in the park.

On the Mountain Ash Creek Trail, headed toward Bechler Meadows. The trail alternated between meadow and forest.

Couple of cow elk. There was a very large bull bedded down in the forest nearby, but he bolted before I could get a photo.

Turning aspens.

The Bechler River at Rocky Ford, which was wide but only knee deep.

Looking upstream from Rocky Ford (near 9C1).

The river bed was solid rock.

Bechler River, a little farther upstream.

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