Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Squirrels, squirrels, squirrels

The Columbian ground squirrels are very active lately, trying to put on more weight before they go into hibernation in a few weeks.

Safe to come out?

Whatchoo lookin at!

The sentinel.

 Always on the lookout for minks, hawks, badgers and coyotes.

It was offended because I called out "Squirrel!"

I bought some off-brand cheddar-flavored potato chips, and they tasted like they had that fake cheese powder from a box of macaroni and cheese sprinkled on them (nasty!).  So I dumped them outside.

Got any ranch dip?

Nom, nom nom.

This one climbed on my deck and tried to open the screen door.  I ran outside and threw at it the closest thing at hand, which happened to be one of my river sandals.  The squirrel kept its head up until the sandal got close to it, but it disappeared underground before the sandal hit near the hole and went bouncing across the yard.  Damn rodents.

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