Monday, July 18, 2011

Hiking the cross country ski trails

Now that summer is finally here, Mari and I hiked the Chief Joseph cross-country trails we skied last winter.  When we were there in January, we knew, at least conceptually, there were six feet of snow on the ground, but that didn't really mean anything until we saw it without all that snow.

These trees seemed much shorter when the bottom six feet were invisible.

The distant peaks show up much better with snow caps on them.

The Continental Divide Trail.

Looking the other way, but in the same area.

Mari skiing a hill.

Mari hiking the same hill.

Me trying to look like I know how to ski.

Me trying to look like summer didn't just get here.

The Forest Service's back country cabin.

It was a snowy winter.

Clear parking.

Just pull up to the wall of snow.


  1. I love that you show both seasons. Have you biked the Hiawatha? If you haven't, it's fun. Remember. just like skiing. top to bottom.

  2. Thanks, Jotsalot! It certainly is a land of contrasts. We haven't biked the Hiawatha, but it looks pretty cool.