Thursday, July 14, 2011

Predator and prey

Minks are fierce predators, often hunting muskrats that are much larger than they are.  This opportunistic mink went after a columbian ground squirrel.

(Some of these pics are a little graphic.)

The mink bit the squirrel on the back of the neck and then held on through a long struggle.  The squirrel shrieked the entire time.

Another squirrel rushed in to try to help, but was quickly frightened away.


The mink began running and carrying the squirrel, which was almost as big as it was, toward the river.

Then the squirrel started struggling again. 


Moving quickly.

Gone.  They disappeared along a steep part of the river bank, perhaps into a streamside den.  The squirrel shrieked a few more times and then was silenced.


  1. I played mink with a bagel this morning. It's not quite the same, but with a schmeer. . .

  2. That's seriously awesome, Jotsalot!

  3. Great Photos!!