Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Random Thoughts From Sula

  • My favorite Gatorade flavor is grape.
  • I recently went into a store, and their music system, which may have been an 8-track, was playing the Osmonds, "One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch, girl."  That's an unfortunate song to have stuck in your head all day. 
  • Yesterday was the hottest day so far this summer.  It got up to 76° in the Bitterroot Valley, and I was burning up.  If I were to go back to Texas, where it's already 100°, I think I'd spontaneously combust.
  • A little while back we saw a Stephen Wright routine where he said something like "In high school I had a girlfriend who was like the girl next door, if you lived next door to a whorehouse."
  • In just about any bird book you'll find a bird called the oystercatcher.  How fast do you have to be to catch an oyster?  Shouldn't it be called the oysterfinder?


  1. I love random thoughts from Fiddnya! And, I eagerly anticipate commentary from LDB.

    Remember this one? "I'm writing an unauthorized autobiography."

  2. I have a friend that went snail hunting one day, he saw five but could only get three. Now that is slow! *

  3. What a coincidence! I got that song stuck in my head a couple of days ago. Lizzie and I had gone to Panera. She got the apple with her meal (what a freak) and I got the kettle fried chips (self-explanatory). She "saved" her apple because she was "full." When she bit into it later in the car, she said it was bad. I busted into that song loud and strong. Well, I busted into that one line of that song, because that's all I know. It got pretty annoying. She rolled her eyes and called me a dork. She'll think twice next time about choosing an apple over kettle potato chips. Kids.

    On a related note, I had two 8 tracks of my own as a kid: Xanadu and Sesame Street Fever (like Sat. Night Fever with a Sesame Street twist).