Thursday, June 3, 2010

John Wayne Might be a Little Late

I don't recollect which movie it was where John Wayne told another character he'd be somewhere "the Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise."   With all the rain we've gotten recently, to put it in the western vernacular, the creek done rose (or riz, depending on which part of the country your particular creek is in).  It's still not very high, coming off a winter with exceptionally low snowpack, but this is the most energetic it has been all spring.  Maybe all this wet weather will delay the summer fire season by a few days.


  1. Holy river rising Batman! That river done swold up like a fat lady's cankles.

  2. It would also be called a "crick" instead of a "creek" - a true Southern girl knows that!

    Bet it's a little noisy in the river reading chair!

  3. funny you mention that quote Cliff, the movie was "Green Berets" and it was on just the other nite on AMC. he was referring to getting back into their camp the next day after they wiped out the bad guys. "we can probably move back in there tomorrow, the Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise". funny thing, you watch them take a swig from a bottle of Jim Beam during the movie and knowing the cast, it probably was the real thing.

  4. Thanks, D. I wouldn't have guessed Green Berets. I was thinking maybe one of the older ones, like Angel and the Bad Man or something. But I know you know your John Wayne quotes. I think I remember that scene now. That's a great movie.

    Penni, I haven't been able to use the river chair lately because it has rained every day this week. It's still early spring this far up the East Fork, so the weather is like what Texas gets in mid-April. The river is a little louder than usual, but it looks a lot different. It's mesmerizing to watch that much water fly past so quickly.