Wednesday, June 23, 2010


My bad. I didn't tell anybody I was going to be away for a while.  We had some friends in from Dallas last week, so I spent the second half of the week in Bozeman.  When I got back home, I had to focus on getting my workshop stuff done.

Our Texan friends had never been to Yellowstone, so we took them on a one-day whirlwind tour through the park.  They experienced an entire year of Texas weather in one day: cold rain, snow and warm sunshine.  We saw all the usual suspects—bison, elk, pronghorns, bighorn sheep, deer—but I thought we were going to get skunked by the bears until we saw two on our way out of the park.

 This trip was when we saw the short rainbow that I posted earlier.  It was the widest rainbow I've ever seen.

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