Sunday, October 2, 2011

Random Thoughts From Sula

  • I’ll never be able to bring myself to use “apatosaurus” instead of “brontosaurus.” It’s not like I say brontosaurus all that often, but still . . .
  • When someone asks you what you think about something, it’s usually a prelude to them telling you at great length what they think about it. And they've given it a lot of thought.
  • There is widespread confusion about the difference between forego (to go before) and forgo (to do without).
  • I think it’s pretentious to use “office” as a verb, as in “We office downtown, across from the plaza.”
  • Careful how you say that: Djibouti is in the Horn of Africa.


  1. I'm a brontosaurus person and I still believe in Pluto and my sign (as I've always known it to be), but I'll confess to never differentiating between forego and forgo (BTW forego is not recognized by my auto speller, do I need too?). On the upside I never use office as a verb, but then again I'm a jammie jobber (of course my spell checker also does not recognize 'jammie'). Am I literate without spell checker? Sometimes I wonder.

  2. Rhonda, if you're a jammie jobber and making it work, then you have beaten the system, and you get to make your own rules. I'm with you on Pluto, so to speak.

  3. Look at the puppy. You know what he's thinking? That mouse's creamy center wasn't nougat.