Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thoughts of Autumn

A frosty 20° this morning.  
 I'm not quite ready for winter yet, though I am looking forward to going skiing.  The snow usually settles in for the long haul after the first week of November.  Before that, we have to survive the onslaught of the general hunting season, which starts this weekend and lasts until Nov 27.

Here are a few pics of the fall colors on the East Fork Road.

 I'm taking this one for a metaphor of my life in Montana—I can't see where it's headed, but the beauty and rightness of it all keeps me traveling this road.

One of these days, when I get all my work done early, I'll go out and get some better fall color photos.  Make that one of these days before hunting season starts on Saturday.


  1. Gorgeous pics of the fall colors! I like the metaphor for life, too.

  2. Went up to our cabin this weekend and I've never seen so many people, I mean hunters...we had to winterize the cabin, get it ready for the hard freeze. Hate to shut it down. We are hoping to snowmobile up to it this for the first time...

  3. Rhonda, they're pretty thick around here, too. I've got nothing against hunting, if it's done legally and ethically, but I hate not being able to hike in the woods before winter sets in. I know wearing orange is supposed to be safe, but I don't trust some of those yay-hoos.