Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Turn Around, Bright Eyes

That Bonnie Tyler song kept playing in my head during the total eclipse of the moon.  But the temperature dropped down to 6° by the time the total eclipse began, so I had to sing the alternative verse that goes "Every now and then I get a little bit freezing and I have to go inside to get warm," which I followed with the somewhat inconsistent "Every now and then I have a beer!"  I couldn't do the chorus because it just wouldn't be right without the operatic group of backup singers.

These are the best pics I could get with my point-and-shoot.


  1. Wow - you got better pictures than the Toddies who were laying in the driveway covered up with blankets at my house! I stayed out for a little while, but it was cold and I was sleepy. I saw enough to say that I saw the eclipse. But, after seeing your pictures, I can say I saw the whole thing!!! I doubt Bonnie Tyler was being sung in the driveway and I KNOW it wasn't 6 degrees. It was more like 66 in Texas!

  2. This is GREAT!! I love the pictures! And I really, really like your song.

  3. Nice pictures. You were lucky, we had complete cloud cover in SE Texas. I went outside several times and caught one little glimpse through a break in the clouds. *

  4. Oh, these are nice pics! My hand froze to the metal pole I accidentally leaned against to steady the camera, and my photos are blurry. It was amazing to see in real time! Would have been better to watch the whole thing unfold, but like you say, it was necessary to dodge inside and out to stay warm.