Friday, September 18, 2009

E-lectricity and Propane

I got my first full-month electric bill today: $33.72.  That is roughly one quarter of what my bill would've been in my old apartment in Dallas. The most obvious difference is that this cabin has, and needs, no air conditioning.  On hot days, you learn to open the windows and doors in the morning to let the cool air in, and then close them all by late morning to keep the coolness in and lock out the afternoon heat. It works pretty well. Another difference is the availability of natural light in the cabin. There are plenty of large windows and two skylights, so I never need to turn on any lights during daylight hours.

The final difference: the stove and the dryer are both powered by propane. I don't have any experience with propane running home appliances, but it is apparently very efficient. I've cooked a fair amount and run the dryer plenty of times, and I keep checking the gauge on my propane tank, but it has barely moved. My landlord told me that when she lived here she had the tank topped off once every two years. It reminds me of the old parody of Clapton's song Cocaine, titled Propane. My favorite line: "If you live in the sticks, and your income is fixed, propane."


  1. OMG!!!! not even $50???!!!!?? for one FULL month??? there has to be somthing wrong with that tank - wonder what it'll cost in the really cold months - can't wait to hear!!!!

  2. I am told the electric bill will be higher in the winter months, around $100. I'll keep you posted.