Monday, April 23, 2012

Hey, Look! The Blog is Back.

Okay, I'm reviving the blog, now that winter is over and I got all my work done. (I'll update on the whole agent process in a day or so.)

While I wasn't looking, spring showed up, and an early taste of summer even broke out for a few days.  So . . .

the finches are back,

and the robins,

and the deer,

and the evening grosbeaks,

 and the white-crowned sparrows,

and, of course, the ground squirrels.

Now that there are more things to report than "It snowed again," or "It's still cold," I'll be posting more often.  


  1. So pretty! Thanks, Cliff.

  2. Thanks, LDB! Glad you stopped by.

  3. I'm SO glad the blog is back! I've missed it so much. I do hope that Random Thoughts from Sula will make a return as well! I love your beautiful pictures too!

  4. Thanks, Penni! I'll see what I can do about random thoughts. They tend to show up best when I'm not focused on something else, so this might be a good time.