Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow pics

In the bluish light of Wednesday evening.

Shoveled path the the river.

Squirrel's-eye view. It's about knee-deep.

Thursday morning. Only a couple of inches of new snow fell overnight.

From inside the garage.  The snow-plow guy hasn't made it by, yet.

You can't see them here, but I had to wear gaiters to keep the snow out of my boots.

The river is frozen, except in a few places.  It really hasn't been all that cold this winter.

I've seen tracks where a few deer have walked across, but I don't trust it.


  1. Love the squirrel's eye view. Are you x-country skiing?

  2. Thanks, Jotsalot. I've only skied a few times so far because there was so little snow. It's on, now.