Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Moon and Jupiter

This is supposedly the calm a few days before the storm.  Winter is scheduled to begin this weekend, with a winter storm watch in effect Friday night and Saturday for heavy snow in areas above 4,000 feet (my place is a little over 5,000).

(The forecast is for "downtown" Sula.  Temps are usually 8-10 degrees cooler farther up the river.)

I got my snow tires put on today and stocked up on some good winter groceries: among other things bacon, eggs, Bisquick, sausage, a big ol' roast (with carrots, celery and shrooms) and 15 lbs of Yukon Golds. I already had plenty of coffee.  Even if winter is late, there will still be good eatin.


  1. 'shrooms' gave me a good laugh this morning. i like reading your weather reports, its like we're on different planets in that regard.

  2. Thanks, D. Sometimes I feel a little ridiculous telling people about the weather, but there are plenty of times the weather is the only thing going on.