Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Signs of fall

The cold front has passed through, and the highs are now back in the low 80s.  But there are still plenty of signs of fall.

The ground squirrels have gone underground.  Actually, they disappeared a few weeks ago.  Though it is still warm, they go into hibernation in late summer when the vegetation dries out and it's harder for them to put on more weight.

Cooler temps linger into late morning.

The gray jays are back after being scarce all summer.

The river is low.

And the grass matches the deer.


  1. Cliff, this is your third fall there, right?

  2. It is, Brian. It's nice having a few seasons to compare against. One day (soon) I'll be an old codger, boring youngsters with stories beginning with "Back in the winter of aught-nine . . . ."

  3. I know fall's arrived when the bears get all flirty and ask where I'll be hibernating.