Monday, June 27, 2011

Random Thoughts From Sula

I haven't done one of these in a while.  My thoughts have been just as random as always, but not so interesting.

·        “Season” is a very loose term in Montana.  Each part of the two years I’ve been here has been unseasonably something or other—dry, cold, wet, warm.  If we ever get “normal” weather, I’m going to declare it’s unseasonably seasonal.

·         I have a natural tendency to confuse my proclivities and my propensities.

·        Sometimes I have the oldies station on Sirius when they play one of those sappy 70s songs about a lost loved one or pet—Shannon, by Henry Gross; Wildfire, by Michael Martin Murphy; or Honey, by Bobby Goldsboro—and I can’t get to the radio fast enough. 

·         Why don’t know-it-alls know people don’t like know-it-alls?

·         Every time I hear someone say "I thought to myself . . ."  I wonder who else can you think to.


  1. Thank you - I was really missing "Random Thoughts From Sula!" Made my day! Love the know-it-all one (although I did have to read it a second time to wrap my head around it)!!!

  2. Do you have a Random Thoughts folder? You should.

  3. Thanks, Pennikins!

    Jotsalot, I keep a running "Thoughts" file that I dump things into as they occur to my warped mind. When I have five that are half-decent, I send them to the blogosphere. But I'm sure I still miss some from not remembering to write them down.