Friday, April 15, 2011

Should be an interesting spring

From The Missoulian:  An already abundant winter snowpack has continued to accumulate in the mountains across western Montana this past month, creating an even greater potential for flooding than predicted.  Ray Nickless, a hydrologist with the National Weather Service in Missoula, says nearly all rivers and creeks in the Missoula, Flathead, Swan and Bitterroot valleys are likely to approach flood levels from this winter's snowpack alone.  If we get high temperatures or a lot of rain, it could be worse.
Still pretty low for now, but I may eventually have to move my chair (if the ice ever lets go of it).


  1. Hey Cliff, I forget, how far back (and more importantly, how high up) is your cabin from that chair?

  2. From the chair, my cabin is about 40 feet back and maybe five feet higher. The chair is about 10 feet back and seven feet above the waterline right now. Where I live is pretty far upstream, and there's a decent amount of slope in this part of the valley, so it shouldn't be as bad here as it'll be downstream, where it's lower and flatter. It should be interesting, though.