Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like spring

The deer have returned.  They migrated down the valley when the snow got too deep around here, but they have recently reappeared.

The river is mostly clear.

More new arrivals:  white-crowned sparrow (lower left) and cassin's finch (upper right).

Columbian ground squirrel.

A few long, sunny days have pushed the snow back.


  1. Cliff, looks great there. Is the flooding risk past (at least from the melt)? How much longer are you planning to be a woodsman?

  2. And just like that, spring has arrived. Can't decide who is cuter, the ground squirrel or Cassin's finch. Either way, the critters are back and that says spring to me. Great pics!

  3. Brian, the flood risk will probably be around through June. The river doesn't usually max out until late May. It shouldn't be too bad here unless we get a lot of rain on top of the snowpack up in the mountains or a string of very warm days that melt a lot of that snow all at once.

    As for how much longer--as long as I can afford to, or at least until I finish the book. I'm up to around 74,000 words now, but there's still a lot of editing to be done.

  4. Sound good man. Keep 'er going!

  5. Keep going! We'll send you beans and rice and beer to sustain you until that book is done.