Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cross Country Skiing (3/13/2011)

The skiing season is winding down.  The snow is already too slushy around my cabin, but it's still good up on the Chief Joseph Cross Country Ski Trails at 7,300 feet.

A warm and sunny day on the mountain.

We graduated from the green trails to the blue trails.

Like I know what I'm doing.

Funky snow ball in the tree.

The trails were groomed on Friday, but they were still in good shape on Sunday afternoon.

Winter sports enthusiast.

Bohemian snow bunny.


  1. I have never tried cross country skiing. We just bought two (used) snowmobiles, we are hoping we can make it up to our cabin next winter. I just may have to learn to do some x-country skiing if we stay up there at all.

  2. It's worth a try, Rhonda. Before last December I had never done any kind of snow skiing. Now I prefer cross country skiing to snowshoeing.