Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Flat Stanley's first Montana road trip

 "On the road again."

At the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, Montana.
"Is there someone behind me?  Uh oh."
"I sure hope that's a flatosaurus."

 "Sometimes I get a little carried away."

Stanley:  "Look at these mountains!  Where I come from it's kinda flat."
Me:  "No doubt."
Stanley:  "Not funny."

The Yellowstone River, east of Livingston, Montana.  This is Lewis and Clark country.  On their return trip in 1806, Lewis and Clark divided their party in western Montana so they could explore more country.  Clark's party took a southerly route, eventually traveling over land to cross Bozeman Pass.  When they reached the Yellowstone River near here, they built dugout canoes and headed downstream to reunite with Lewis on the Missouri River.

 Mule deer.

 Wisdom, Montana.  "I feel smarter already."

 Deep snow at Lost Trail Pass.
"I'm not getting out in that.  They wouldn't find me until June."


  1. That Flat Stanley is a lucky dude!

  2. Mule Deer: Hey look! It's Stan the Flat Man.
    Stanley: Dude, at least my butt doesn't have a target on it.
    Mule Deer: Yes, but we can run in leaps and bounds jetting side to side diverting the target practice.
    Stanley: Show off... But I ship well. If it fits it ships!

  3. LDB, when you come visit, Mari and I will take you around and take all the same pics with you in them.

    To Anonymous with the mule deer conversation, I like it!

  4. Can you make me a mountain man beard for my photos?