Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flat Stanley Comes to Sula

I think everybody knows Penni, a good friend and frequent commenter from the Dallas area.  Her son's class is doing a Flat Stanley project, so His Flatness has come to visit me in Sula.  This ain't my first flat rodeo.  I helped one of my nieces with a similar project about 10 years ago, but I lived in Fort Worth back then and didn't have a digital camera.  This time around should be a little better, which will probably make my niece mad at me.  For those that don't know who Flat Stanley is, here's his Wikipedia entry.

Stanley: "Whew!  A little claustrophobic in there."

Me: "Dude. What's up with the tie?  You got an interview with the Montana Flattlemen's Association?"
Stanley: "Is this how you treat your guests?"
Me: "The ones with ties.  We don't wear ties in Sula."

Stanley: "Brrr.  I don't think I brought enough clothes."

Me: "You gotta dress in layers up here."
Stanley: "I AM a layer."
Me:  So . . .when are you leaving?

Stanley:  "Hey! Look at me!  I grew a mountain man beard.  Now I fit in."

Stanley: "My first snow angel!"

Me: "That's not a snow angel.  It's a dent."

Stanley: "Hey.  I have a high strength-to-weight ratio, like titanium."
Me:  "If you say so."

Stanley:  "Here birdie, birdie.  Are you sure this is safe?  I don't want to end up as nesting material."


  1. Hey! Stanley got a Fiddn'ya beard. VERY Montana.

  2. I'm SO glad he made the trip safely. I can't wait to hear his adventures with Cliff. I know he won't be quite the same when he gets back. I hope the Second Graders won't be traumatized!

    He grew those squirrel tail whiskers really fast!

  3. The Second Graders are going to LOVE this!

  4. Very amusing and sweet at the same time. Stanley is definitly getting an education of the outdoor kind.