Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Winter has arrove

(I know that's not grammatically correct, but it seemed too formal to say "winter has done arrove.")

After a long, unseasonably warm fall, winter is here.

Several inches of snow fell overnight, but the temps were slightly above freezing, so the snow kept falling off the roof in clumps, sounding like someone was outside stomping on the deck.   I had to stifle a "you kids get off my lawn" type of reaction several times.  Ah, the sounds of winter .  . .

The East Fork is still a river.  This time last year it was full of ice.


  1. Ahhh, the beginning of your second winter there! You must be made of the right stuff. It's so beautiful and it must be very quiet (other than the clumps falling).

  2. And I think this means it's "Malaga Wine" time. Good thing "Toe Nail Saturday" is coming up. :)
    LDB (again)

  3. It'll be really quiet when the river freezes in a couple of weeks. That makes for a profound silence. We're supposed to hit single digits for the lows over the weekend, so that ought to thicken it up.

    For Toe Nail Saturday in Sula, I'm going with expedition weight Smart Wool.

  4. Great pics. By the way Cliff, I think the title of this should be simply 'winter arrove' because my east texas dictionary defines arrove as 'has arrived' unless you go a mile further east and then you might have to add a 'be' in there along with 'i garawnteee'.

  5. Thanks, D. I can go along with that, making room for regional differences in dialect. I'm just glad nobody argued it should have been "winter has arriven."