Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sula Moose

I looked up from my dinner on Wednesday night and saw a cow moose outside my window.  She crossed the river and disappeared into the trees on the other side, so I couldn't get a good photo.  This was the first moose I've seen in the Bitterroot.  I'd seen them in and around Yellowstone and in northwest Colorado, but not out here.


  1. Lucky, lucky! I'm not sure I'd like to see one while I'm out in the yard (like I do deer), but to look out the window and see one -- zowee!

  2. when we were in Taos in June, i woke when it was first light at about 5 (because i wasn't aware it got light so blasted early) and went out on the deck with my coffee to enjoy the quiet. first thing i saw were 3 moose plodding along, i couldn't get over how something so large could move so stealthily or get away before i could get my camera ready.