Monday, September 27, 2010

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts From Sula
  • It has been six weeks since I returned from my backpacking trip, and the thought of oatmeal still disgusts me. 
  • As far as I know, Hamlet contains the earliest literary reference to an uncle daddy, although Hamlet actually said uncle father.  Something was indeed rotten in the state of Denmark.
  • While grocery shopping last week, I made an impulse buy of some Super Bubble bubble gum.  It made me wonder how many years it had been since I'd blown a bubble. 
  • I never heard of Katy Perry before the big Sesame Street boob debacle.  Now she's everywhere.  But that Hot N Cold is a catchy tune. 
    Random Thoughts From Fort Worth (courtesy of LDB)
    • My coffee cup has a Thoreau quote on the inside lip.  I guess it's so you can see it as you sip your coffee (although you have to go a bit cross-eyed to look at it while drinking). Anyway, it says "Live the life you've imagined."  I have always liked that. But it got me thinking, what if your imagination sucks?  Or what if it's just pretty lame and boring?
    • If you want to make yourself throw up, get some Ortho Orthene fire ant killer and take a sniff. Whew! No wonder the ants leave.


      1. Cliff, are you feeling like you might need a dog? I guess your pack rat didn't stay. :)

        What's the painting on the bottom? It's very nice. case Laura The Cooking Photographer is reading...I made the Weetabix Butterscotch cookies on Saturday and they were very, very, very good!


      2. I think the packrat is still around. I've got a rat trap out in the garage, but it was stripped clean this morning. I re-baited it a little more firmly and lubed the trigger up with butter.

        I just love dogs. I took that photo of my friends' dogs at a recent concert at the Art Farm. The photo reminded me of the painting, which has become a piece of pop culture from the movie Goodfellas:!

        I passed your comment along to Laura. I'm not sure if she checks the blog anymore, now that it rolls to Facebook.

      3. Good luck getting rid of the packrat. It can happen; mine seem to be gone. One person (who set out traps here and didn't catch anything) said the little darlings are "stupid." Another person (who killed them with bait) said they are rather clever. He uses fancy bait boxes where they have to go inside and eat the stuff instead of taking it away to save for winter.

      4. How funny you bought Super Bubble! Recently, I was blowing watermelon Bubbalicious bubbles from the Big Hole to the 15 turnoff all the while listening to Bonepony. I'm just a big dork but it made me feel like a kid again.