Sunday, August 22, 2010

Across the Bob—Day 7

On Day 7 I hiked up to the north wall, which is somewhat similar to the Chinese Wall farther south, but more remote and less often visited by backcountry travelers.

I took the trail up Open Creek to the north end of the north wall.  The first part of the trail was still in the Fool Creek Fire burn area.

More wildflowers filling the vegetative void left by the fire.

Woodpeckers love burned areas, too.  I think this one is a black-backed woodpecker.

Glimpse of part of the north wall through the trees.

The trail becomes steeper when it gets close to the wall.

Part of the north wall.

Lots of wildflowers at the base of the wall.

I camped at Lake Levale, toward the north end of the wall.  I like the reflections of the snow in the water in this pic.

It's a big lake, so I couldn't fit it all into one pic.

Beautiful water, but COLD.  I tried to take a dip in the middle of a sunny afternoon when the air temperature was warmest, but I still didn't last very long.  I got in up to about mid-thigh level, but the water was so cold I felt like I couldn't breathe.  I took a quick splash bath and got the hell out.

Faces in the cliffs.

Sunset behind the lake.

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