Thursday, July 1, 2010

Random Thoughts From Sula

  • I miss the days when a car's bright light switch was a little button by your left foot.  They should've left that alone.
  • Nabisco's Cameo cookies, which are very hard to find these days, are way better than Keebler's Vienna Fingers, which are everywhere.
  • Sometimes I have to stop and think about which Betty started the center for people with substance abuse problems: Betty Ford or Betty White?
  • If I was a junkie, I'd rather go to the Betty White Center.  It could be like comedy defensive driving school.
  • I like the word "panoply," but you can never use it without sounding pretentious.


  1. While I do not have the occasion to use the word panoply much myself, I do hear it quite often. For instance, when I wear my armor to Wal Mart or the grocery store I may hear something like "excuse me but that is quite the handsome panoply you have there." At this time I usually blush but my face piece is down so nobdy knows. Then I clank on off about my business. *

  2. Honestly, I'd rather go to the Betty Crocker Center, but that's another addiction all together!

  3. How about the Betty Boop Center? I'm just sayin'...LDB

  4. I've never considered how many famous Betties there are out there. Let's not forget Betty Rubble, for those old school addictions. Maybe there should just be a generic Betty Center.