Thursday, May 6, 2010

Guest Blogger: LDB!

LDB reports that she has taken up birding while visiting her sister in Arizona.

"I decided to take up your bird watching hobby. It all started this morning when I was standing at the kitchen sink at my sister's house washing up from last night. From the corner of my eye I saw an unfamiliar cat on the patio. I turned my head to see with my whole eyeball (as opposed to only the corner). It wasn't a cat, it was a chicken--a black and white speckled chicken. We assume it belongs to my sister's backdoor neighbor, who raises chickens and other stuff. He's a crunchy, organic dude. I asked my sister if I should go ask him if he was missing any poultry, but she said he wouldn't be home and suggested that I just try and throw it over the fence. I don't know how it got in, but I spent about 30 minutes trying to catch it. Chickens are too fast. My sister tried to film this, but too bad her camera was not working.

And the chicken-cat was only the first installment of my daily birding. Next, there was a cute little hummingbird. They are so cute and tiny and also fast (but I wasn't trying to catch this one to throw it back into the neighbor's yard).

Next came the taupe colored chickadee with a peachy-orangey colored head. Lovely bird. Don't know the name, so I am going to call it the Peach Headed Chickadee.

Finally, the bird I could not see. My sister has a resident woodpecker who pecks at a metal pole in her fireplace. I am calling it the Jacked-Up Beak Pecker.

This is a really fun hobby, Cliff. Thanks for suggesting it!

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  1. I love it you have a bucket hat and binoculars? Too bad the camera didn't work...that might be worth $10,000 on America's Funniest Videos.

    Missing you.