Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Squirrel Wars

I've got nothing against squirrels.  They are welcome to eat all the bird seed that the steller's jays sling out of the feeder onto the ground, which is a lot.  I just can't have them cleaning out or tearing up my feeders.

Check out this little guy, looking like a tiny fireman moving in reverse.  Going Up!

At first, he'd shinny up the pole, get a seed, and then slide down to eat it on the ground.  But that was too much trouble, so he found a better solution.

After he'd cleaned out the hopper feeder, he went after the tube feeder.


I'm still waiting for the forensics report from the high-tech Sula Crime Lab, but these look like squirrel teeth marks to me.

I re-hung the tube feeder with picture wire so he couldn't gnaw through it, but that didn't stop him from climbing up and cleaning it out.  So I made a baffle out of a small plastic tub.  I cut off the bottom portion and cut a hole in the center.  Then I put a small clamp on the feeder stand and slid the baffle down to where it rests loosely on top of the clamp.

"What the hell is this?"

"Okay. I can push through this . . ."

"or gnaw through it . . ."

"or pull it off."

"That's not funny, Man.  You ain't right."


After I was sure the baffle would work, I hit it with some black paint to make it blend in. 

I don't think Mr. Squirrel will give up that easily. It may become like an episode of the Road Runner around here, except I'll be up againt Wile E. Squirrel (seedius digestus).  Any day now, I expect him to show up with a can of Acme Instant Hole.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. 2 words...pellet gun...usually i'm a 'no shooting any animal' kinda person but squirrels and grackels are not included. we've taught the dog to get after them too. he'll follow their scent all over the yard and he is pretty good grackel catcher too.

  2. I don't see any point in escalating hostilities to that extent, D. I'll try to outfox them, but if they're smarter than I am, they can just have it.

  3. My stomach hurts after laughing at this. Nicely described, Cliff!

    I'm not sure I'd want to send a beloved pet after a squirrel. Years ago I remember one squirrel that would sit up in a tree and drop nuts on my cat as he walked under. My cat was smart enough to ignore the taunts.

  4. Ok, I love the baffle idea! I will say I've tried the pellet gun...fyi, don't pump the gun before leaving the house. While trying to be quiet as I walked out the back door, I accidentally pulled the trigger in the house and now I have a pellet lodged who only know's where in my kitchen ceiling! Think I'll take the "no kill" policy and try the baffle idea!!!

  5. Have you considered smearing some Vaseline on the pole? It may be interesting watching him try to climb the pole after that.