Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Fifth Season

For parts of Montana above 5,000 feet there is a little-known fifth season squished in between winter and spring.  "Squished" is the right word.  I have dubbed this new season "mud."  At the end of winter, but before spring, areas that have been covered by a foot or more of snow for four months begin to thaw, and the slow melting of the ice creates an endless flow of water that keeps the ground soaked and soggy.

They should teach it in schools—What are the five seasons of the year?  Spring, summer, fall, winter and mud.  Here are some pictures showing four of the five seasons (I'm still waiting for spring).  Montana teachers, feel free to use these in your classes.





In several places, the water drains across the road, making travel fun.

The middle part looks dry in the picture, but it feels like walking on a wet sponge.

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