Monday, March 1, 2010

Algernon Strikes Again

It's my computer this time. I shouldn't be surprised because it’s three and a half years old and has done its share of traveling. I think the old jalopy is not long for this world. It keeps locking up on me, and a lot of my software doesn't work anymore, most importantly, my photo management software. It's hard to have a good blog when you can't post pictures.

I've ordered a new computer from Dell, but apparently they have to go make their own silicon because the expected delivery date is not until March 17. I could've ordered an off-the-shelf computer from Amazon and gotten it in a few days, but I’ll get more computer for less by ordering from Dell.

So far my e-mail still works, intermittently, but I don’t know how long that’ll hold up. Anyway, I may disappear for a few weeks, but I plan to be back in full around March 18 or so. It’s feeling like spring up here, with warmer temps and much longer days. It should be an exciting time for the blog.

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