Friday, January 15, 2010

The Thin Ice of Modern Life

The warm weather is playing havoc with the ice on the river, putting an end to my ice walking, or at least most of it ("This part looks strong--D'oh!" That hasn't happened yet).

The ice is thick where the river is deeper.

Here's a shallow spot.  The river is less than a foot deep here, and the ice was only a few inches thick.  You can see where the thin ice sagged around the hole.  This is really close to where Mari was standing last Saturday when I took the picture below.  It was much colder then, and snowing.

Those are her footprints at the upper left, surrounded by deer tracks, most of which weren't there on Saturday.  I wonder if a deer broke through the ice over night, or if they all just showed up afterwards to get a drink.

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