Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Snowshoeing Up the Ridge

With all the new snowfall, I was anxious to take the snowshoes up the ridge behind my cabin.  There are no trails up there other than game trails.  The best way up is to go about a half-mile to the east (left in the pic), and walk up the spine of the ridge to the west.

The snowshoes sink pretty deep in the new, soft powder.  Breaking trail is quite a workout, even on level ground.

I can affirmatively say that snowshoeing up a steep incline in deep powder is a serious workout.  I walked (more like trudged, or maybe even slogged) up the spine of the ridge to this decommissioned Forest Service Road several hundred feet up the ridge (apologies for the wet camera lens).

By popular demand.

Going back is much easier because now there's a trail of packed snow to follow.

It doesn't look like it, but this is looking down the steep hillside on the descent.  You can see the trail I made on the way up.

A glimpse of my cabin through the trees about halfway down the ridge (at 12x zoom).



  1. Waiting for the big, scary snow angel picture.

  2. in that third pic i kept looking to see nicholson pop out of the trees with an axe saying 'jooohny...oooo johhny boy' like in the 'Shining'. love the pic though.

  3. I hadn't considered it, but that pic does look like a scene from the end of The Shining.

  4. Whew...that makes me tired!