Friday, January 8, 2010

River Crossing

Like the deer, I walked across the frozen river to see if natural selection would sink me.  I wanted to try it last week, but the temperatures were pretty mild then, so I decided to wait.  The temperature this morning was twenty below, and today it was just twenty above, so I figured it should be mostly solid.  It was what we used to call a SWAG: scientific wild-ass guess.

There's a four inch layer of snow on top of the ice, so it's impossible to look for cracks and weak-looking spots, as if I would know what to look for, coming from Texas.  Worse, after that extremely cold night, the snow is dry and crunchy, so every step sounded like the ice was cracking.  But, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Looking back across the river at my place.

Looking upstream from the middle of the river.

Looks like a nice reading chair . . .

except for all that ice in it.


  1. Wow ... I think I'd have to wait a couple of more 20 below days to venture ONTO a river! I guess your SWAG worked!!!! (thank goodness)

  2. SWAG - now that's funny -- really happy you didn't "break the ice" ..... Leeds almost slid into the pool this morning - she didn't realize the deck was still icy when the garbage truck pulled up .... I really didn't want to get in the pool to rescue her but I would have! It's 17 withOUT the wind chill (which is now about 6) ...

  3. SWAG, is that terminology learned in Imaginary Engineering school? (Thank me later, BMac).

    I eagerly await Jim's comment as to what would actually occur when you sit in the iced over reading chair.

  4. Just how deep is the river where you were walking on the ice? I am curious if you had all the King's horses and all the King's men standing by to pull your big a#$ out if you broke through. I am assuming the King's horses and men have access to a gantry. As for the frozen reading chair I will have to get back to ya. *