Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Thoughts From Fort Worth

LDB sent me these.  They are way better than mine.

  • I think I say the following things a hundred times a day: "Get up and get ready for school," "are you dressed?" "have you brushed your teeth?" I say these things so much that I get tired and resort to calling from my cell phone to my daughter's so I don't have to cross the house again. This morning she put her phone on silent. I love that brat.
  • I also say the following about a hundred times a day: "Stop eating the cat poop!" If my dog had a cell phone, I might resort to calling her about this, too.
  • Driving to work today, I saw a big truck with a man driving and a woman on the passenger side. They had labelled the back window of the truck to let us know they love each other. On the window behind his head it said "Little Willie." On the window behind her head it said "Little Ann." In the middle there was a heart. It's a good thing she wasn't the driver or it would have said "Little Ann [hearts] Little Willie." I'm just sayin...


  1. LDB: I found the most awesome thing at Christmas - I bought one for Coach Dale. It is an electronic megaphone and it has buttons where you can record what you want to say and play it back. Not only can you repeat what you say to your daughter and your dog, but you can say them R E A L L Y L O U D!!!! It also has a police siren button. I'm going to mount it on top of my car for driving to work. Anyone who has ridden with me knows I need a siren on my car.

  2. LDB and Penni: You guys rock! I thought I was the only one that got to have repeated conversations EVERY MORNING!!! I mean seriously, how many times do I need to say, "Did you brush your teeth and give mommy a hug (OK probably not many more times on that last one)?" "Did you pack your lunch?" "Did you turn the light off?" "Go pack up your backpack." "CHANGE YOUR SHIRT!" (OK, so he gets that from his father. I change mine at least once a month, but they are all white so nobody knows the difference.)

    I think I will opt for the megaphone because I'm too cheap for the cell phone, and he does not need any girls calling him yet. The kid was smooching in the back seat of an SUV in kindergarten, so he does not need any encouragement. (Funny thing is, when I heard he was kissing a girl, I said, "You KISSED someone?????" To which he replied, "No, Sophie kissed me ... but I didn't tell her to stop." Really??? Seriously??? And you wonder why my girls are going to be allowed to date when they turn 30 (as long as I get to chaperone)?


  3. That kid really does take after his dad. Cat Daddy, that is.

  4. Dale tells our daughter that she can't date until she's married. That always results in that little puppy dog head turn - huh? - and then an extra long drawn out Ddddaaaadddd!!!