Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Dog's Life

LDB sent me this story about when she was home sick, being tended by her young Labradoodle, Adele. 

I asked her if I could post it for all the dog lovers, and she said okay.

This is how LDB tells it:

"Adele has been a sport just lying in bed with me for days. For two days I just had crackers, NyQuil and some parts of a Pop Tart. But yesterday, after my big shot in the butt, I started being hungry, and Adele and I were off to the races...

Here's what I ate:
1 blueberry poptart
2 crispy beef tacos
1 order of Sonic tater tots
1 Chik-fil-a sandwich
2 pieces of pizza
1 beer

Here's what she ate:
9 cat turds
1/2 bar of soap
8 Chik-fil-a nuggets
3 packing peanuts
2 raw hides
1 used tissue

We are going back on crackers today.

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