Friday, November 13, 2009

Man From Snowy River

I remember when 40 degrees seemed cold.  It was 4 degrees this morning. 

The snow makes for a serene landscape.

And the ice makes color photos look black and white.


  1. Yikes....4 should have taken my Santy heater with you! I certainly don't need it here for our balmy 70 degree morning. Stay warm!!

  2. Did you ever recover your heater from the Hamburgler?

    It's sunny and 28 here in balmy Hamilton but not cold, I know, does not make any sense.

  3. Yes, I recovered the I believe she's burgled my fan.

    4 degrees or 28 degrees...wouldn't make a difference to me. Dale said my temperate gauge goes from 68 is too cold and 72 is too hot.