Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ice and Water

It is fascinating to watch the gradual icing of the river.

The ice forms in terraces, creating little waterfalls, for now.

And the river continues to flow beneath the ice.

Just as I go out in the spring to see the new growth on the plants, these days I go down to the river to look for new growth on the ice.  Nature is never static.


  1. Gorgeous to watch the water flow in a natural organic way whether over or under the mini-icebergs.

  2. Did you purchase ice skates along with your snow shoes? Who knows, with a little practice you may be the next Sonja Henie. Something to aspire to!

  3. I don't know how thick the ice will get, but I doubt it'll be thick enough to hold up under the many impacts of me trying to ice skate.

    And Sonja who? You could've at least said Katarina Witt. She was more my era.