Sunday, November 22, 2009

Food Blogs of the Northern Rockies

When I moved to Montana, I spent some time looking for blogs written by the kinds of people I had met up here—down-to-earth people living close to the earth, figuratively speaking.  But all the Montana blogs I found were political rantings, from either end of the spectrum.  Those just make me tired, so I quit looking. 

Recently a blogger who goes by the name Montana Mary found my blog and left a nice comment.  Her comment had a link back to her blog, which she calls Yummy Montana, finding—and enjoying—food made in Montana.  Her blog has a nice, folksy feel to it, and chronicles her explorations of farmers markets and other food events in Montana, as well as life on a sheep and cattle ranch in south central Montana.  Yummy Montana also includes a list of other blogs Montana Mary enjoys, including one called:

The Cooking Photographer, written by Laura Flowers of Moscow, Idaho.  Foodies will want to bookmark this one.  Down the left side of her blog, she has "Find a Recipe," which takes you to posts about dishes she's written about.  Even if you're not a foodie, Laura's blog is worth reading just for her writing style.  And if that's not enough, if you click to read her profile, you'll find a long list of blogs she likes, many of which are written by other foodies.

For the record, I'm not a foodie. Mari is a foodie. I'm just an eatie, although I do cook a limited repertoire of dishes I like, a category that would best be described as "guy food"—bacon, chili, a Tex-Mex beef soup (caldo de res), pot roast (cooked in foil), burgers, migas, pancakes, beans (straight pintos and refried), grilled stuff, and oddly enough, cashew chicken.  I've recently become reasonably competent at making bread (from scratch—no bread machine).  I figure that may come in handy during the winter.


  1. Lmao @ "I'm just an eatie"! You have coined a new phrase that I will use for the rest of my life!

    Thanks Cliff, I'm as glad to know another "local" as you are. We are a rare breed, this is home, and I love everything about it until about March. Then I hate the snow and threaten to move to Texas.

    I'm going to go check out Mari! Thanks.

  2. Thanks, Laura. I'm looking forward to experiencing my first real winter. I'll let everyone know if/when I become sick of the snow.

    I mixed up my "M" ladies in that post. Mary is the blogger in south central Montana, and Mari is my girlfriend in Hamilton, Montana. My bad. Mari is a foodie, and she really likes your blog.

  3. Does that make Mari and "innie" or an "outie"?

  4. I am honored to be mentioned with Laura! Her recipes are food for real people -- her photographs are delicious all by themselves.

    I am also honored to be mentioned by you. Your blog is a hoot to read. If anyone thinks you're making up this stuff, I'm here to testify that you are simply describing Montana!

    btw I used to spell my name Mari -- I'm glad I change it back or we'd really be getting confused here!