Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sula, Montana

Sula was named after Ursula Thompson, the first white child born in the area. Long-Haired Thompson and his family moved to the area in the Spring of 1887, and when the post office opened in 1889, it was named after their baby girl, who was called Sula.

Here's the current post office. I've been in there several times and never encountered a line.

Downtown Sula

A closer look

This is how Sula really looks


  1. So is SULA pronounced (Ur)"Suula" or "soola"

  2. It's pronounced "soola," or in lawyer speak, "sue'-la."

  3. She's lucky she got stuck with a god-awful name like Ursula...since her daddy's name was Long-Haired Thompson.