Thursday, October 29, 2009

Not Paula Deen Country

I miss the old days when I could go to a store and buy a four-stick box of Land-o-Lakes Salted Butter.  I use it for cooking, and I put it on toast and in my Jethro-sized bowls of grits.  The best you can do up here is a two stick box, packaged by the half stick.

Look at that! That would just make Paula Deen mad. She could eat this cute little thing as a snack as she waited for the Monte Cristos to fry. Bless her heart.

I need to stock up on butter for the winter months, but I'd hate to see what kind of looks I'd get if I tried to buy several boxes of butter at once.  So just about every time I go shopping, I get another two-stick box.

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