Saturday, October 10, 2009

Macintosh Apple Day in Hamilton

Last Saturday was the 30th Annual Macintosh Apple Day, held to benefit the Ravalli County Museum in Hamilton. We got there at noon, and it had only gotten up to 25 degrees by then. It was a nice, sunny day, though, and we dressed in layers, so it was comfortable. I think the cold did play havoc with some of the vendors because I never found anybody offering a caramel apple.

There was live music, provided by Cabin Fever (they were excellent, especially given the temperature),

sweets (or not),

t-shirts dyed in authentic Montana mud,

rustic decor,

and even some produce.

This character was grilling sirloin kabobs. He wouldn't tell us his name.

This guy had the best job of all. He was stirring a large cauldron of hot apple butter while his friend poured in cinnamon powder. It smelled great, but it wasn't ready yet, so we didn't get any.

The local boy scout troop used an antique press to make cider out of fresh apples. Good stuff. I got a gallon.

Apple Day appeared to be a big success, even though it was unseasonably cold. These kinds of temperatures aren't due up here until around Christmas.  But there was a good crowd, at least while we were there, and most of the attendees were buying. Hopefully they raised a fair amount of money for the museum. The folks at the museum are excited about their work, and they put a lot of effort into reflecting the rich history and the many artists of the Bitterroot Valley.


  1. The sirloin kabob guy might be in the witness relocation program or he might otherwise just be "lying low." The etched wooden toilet seats are GREAT! Did you pick one up?